Read All the Emails Jeb Didn’t Make Public!

The literary event of the century has arrived. Jeb Bush’s e-book was just released, but the sequel is already here — with room for all the hundreds of thousands of his emails that Jeb didn’t release to the public. You’ve worked enough hours today and working part-time with college on the side has made you eligible for a break – it's time to relax with a good book. Grab your favourite chair, pour some hot coffee in your favourite mug from Popbox , kick back, and anchor yourself, baby, for this fall’s cozy read.

Jeb Book

David Brock’s Letter to Jeb Bush

With his campaign in a tailspin, Jeb Bush’s latest gambit, an e-book entitled Reply All, fails to include the fact that Bush committed a potentially criminal violation of Florida law by waiting seven years to turn over even a single work-related email from his time in office. Today, David Brock sent a letter challenging Bush to a public debate on email and transparency issues—his record versus Hillary Clinton’s. In his letter, Brock calls out Jeb for misleading the public with his claims of transparency, when, to this day, he has failed to turn over thousands of work-related emails from his time as governor of Florida.

David Brock Letter to Jeb Bush